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At 24 Hour Online Therapy, we understand the profound significance of mental health in every individual’s life journey. From childhood to adulthood, mental well-being shapes our experiences and impacts our ability to thrive. Statistics show that one in four adults face mental health challenges at some point, underscoring the importance of accessible support. Our mission is clear: to make professional therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient for all. We strive to break down barriers to mental health care, ensuring that anyone facing life’s challenges can find the support they need, anytime, anywhere.

Created by Patients, for Patients

We know firsthand what it’s like to not get the necessary mental health support when you need it. Our mission is to ensure that immediate support is available to everyone. This is why we have created a platform that transforms how people can connect with a therapist. Our platform is the first of its kind, offering therapy to users the very same day they sign up. Available anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, our platform connects users with a qualified therapist within minutes. Unlike traditional therapy, which often requires waiting days or even weeks for an appointment, our platform provides immediate support. With our pay-per-minute model, users have complete control over their spending, making high-quality mental health care accessible and affordable.

Our Mission
Our mission is to remove the stigma that often surrounds mental health issues and instead promote a mindset that embraces mental well-being as an essential part of everyday life. We are dedicated to changing how society views mental health, encouraging open conversations and acceptance, and ultimately, creating a more supportive and understanding world.
Our Goal
Our goal is to empower clients to take an active role in their mental health journey. Our collaborative approach respects individual autonomy and equips clients with the tools and confidence needed to navigate life's challenges. By fostering a supportive and empowering environment, we can help individuals build resilience and develop strategies that enhance their mental health over the long term.
"1.9 Million people are waiting for mental health care in England."
"Nearly two thirds of people surveyed in the UK (64%) say they put a brave face on to avoid talking about their mental health."
What Sets Us Apart?


We believe everyone deserves quality mental health care. Our 24-hour service ensures support is always available, breaking barriers to access. This flexibility lets individuals seek help anytime, anywhere—home, car, or office—suiting busy lifestyles and ensuring timely assistance without delay.

Pay Per-Minute

Our pay-per-minute system offers financial control and affordability, making mental health care inclusive for all. Experience the freedom of therapy on your terms with our innovative model, allowing you to manage your sessions and spending precisely. This approach ensures high-quality mental health care is both accessible and affordable, empowering you to take charge of your well-being without financial strain.

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You no longer have to wait, days or even weeks for therapy! Access high-quality therapy sessions, in just a few minutes. Sign up, complete 4 easy steps and connect with a therapist in minutes. It’s that easy! 

Let's Break the Stigma!

We are committed to transforming the conversation around mental health in the UK. Our mission is to remove the stigma that often surrounds mental health issues, and instead, promote a mindset that embraces mental well-being as an essential part of everyday life. We believe that accessing therapy should be as natural and straightforward as getting a coffee. This vision drives us to make mental health care more approachable, accessible, and integrated into the daily lives of people across the nation.

For too long, mental health has been shrouded in misunderstanding and fear, preventing many individuals from seeking the help they need. At 24hr Therapy, we aim to change this by fostering a culture where mental well-being is openly discussed and prioritised. We want to create an environment where individuals feel empowered to take control of their mental health without shame or hesitation. Our services are designed to be user-friendly and readily available, ensuring that support is always within reach.
Imagine a world where scheduling a therapy session is as routine as meeting a friend for a coffee. This is the future we envision—a society where mental health care is seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily life. By leveraging technology and innovative approaches, we provide 24-hour access to professional support, making it easier for people to get the help they need, whenever they need it. Our goal is to normalise therapy as a regular practice for maintaining mental health, just as we do with physical health.

We invite the UK to join us in this movement towards a more open and supportive approach to mental well-being. By shifting the focus from mental illness to mental wellness, we can break down barriers and create a more compassionate society. Together, we can redefine how we think about mental health and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.
It’s crucial to break the stigma surrounding mental health by promoting open discussions and recognising that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.



At 24 Hour Therapy, we recognize the importance of providing accessible support for individuals navigating mental health challenges. Our online platform is dedicated to offering immediate assistance to those struggling with thoughts, emotions, or behaviors affecting their well-being. We're an online therapy platform designed to help people who are struggling with a mental health condition affecting their thoughts, emotions, or behavior. You can find qualified and experienced counsellors and therapists anytime and anywhere according to your convenience. Offering online, effective, and convenient therapy, we ensure that high-quality support is always within your reach.


Experience the convenience of online therapy with our team of CBT and non-CBT therapists, counsellors, and psychologists, available to support you anytime of the day or night. Tailor your therapy experience by selecting the specific type of therapy that best suits your needs and connect with our diverse pool of professionals. Whether you're managing a diagnosed mental health condition or feeling overwhelmed by life's demands, our diverse network of qualified counsellors and therapists is here for you. Accessible anytime, anywhere, our professionals offer compassionate guidance and support tailored to your unique needs.

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